Lord use me for your Glory because thats the only place I find bliss!

The Lord is my refuge so whom shall I fear? The Lord is my foundation and I keep his word near.

Where else should you look In anytime of need, but to the one who loves you more than you can ever believe. 

You need nothing more than His grace and it’s right here in your face , love like Him and you’ll dwell in his place.

Though the words can’t describe what he has prepared, I hope I live my life In the truth that mine is one he spared.

Keep your faith strong because it might be all you have left, and that’s all you need because you gain life in his death.

Walk with Him with His word on your mind, and If you stumble off the road you’ll be back in no time.

See his grace is like a fishing pole that he doesn’t need to reel, because when you see Jesus, His bread will be your meal.

Jesus said “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.(John 6:35)

I promise that there is nothing better in this world than to obtain the knowledge of God because the more you learn the more grace you see. When you see the grace that you can’t explain you see what Jesus is, was, and will forever be. I Hope everyone can share this with a friend so they too can spread the word cause if you can give people the hope that is in Jesus Christ than you can give them more than the whole world has to offer.

I hope everyone has a good night. God bless




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