I am weak yet stronger then ever

Philippians 4:6-7
“Never worry about anything. But in every situation let God know what you need in prayers and requests while giving thanks. Then God’s peace, which goes beyond anything we can imagine, will guard your thoughts and emotions through Christ Jesus.”

First of all I like to do start out by doing what the verse talks about and thats giving thanks. I wanna give thanks to the forever loving God that I live for daily, when I think about his love I cant help but feel at peace knowing that with Jesus we will forever be safe and nothing can separate us from his love . Jesus is our weapon against sin and is the greatest weapon we can have because only our God could defeat sin and death through Jesus our savior. We cant just pray when we our in need we should pray more when we are in no need because with Jesus we have all that we need so we can always pray to give thanks. Our Gods forgiveness in its self is something we should be forever thankful for because without that we would be dead with sin and could never feel the Joy of an eternal life with our unequalled God in Heaven. We should live with God in all our decisions and pray for guidance knowing he will never let us down.

When we put our full faith in Jesus as our savior we should not have a worry because we have all we need to defeat sin and temptation. If we fail to strengthen our faith at the roots then on the surface our faith will look weak. Build up your faith in Jesus and you will build up a peace of mind that only the holy spirit can fill you with. When you come to a stressful situation just imagine how Jesus would want you to get past it, pray that you give glory to God in your situation and you will spread hope as you work in the Lords name. Just put into perspective how amazing our God is that even though there are so many people in the world he loves each one and blessed each one with their own talents to use to bring glory to Him. How loving is our God that he sent his own son to save the same people that betrayed him. For this we should be forever grateful. Christ is in all of us and when we recognize that our thoughts are full of love and if love is what you give then love is what you will forever receive from our Savior.

The closer i’ve gotten to the Lord the weaker I realize I am but its truly amazing that because of Him I am stronger than ever. My thoughts are clear and I work everyday to spread hope and love through my actions as I hope that believers and non-believers can see the holy spirit work through me and be encouraged to become closer to their God. The other night I had my closest talk with Jesus i have ever had in prayer I came to the Lord and truly gave thanks for everything I have been blessed with. I’ve never felt more at peace because I knew that no matter what storm that I come to that Jesus will be with me through it all and in the end will rescue me from this body of sin and world of temptation.

Today I pray for everyone to seek the truth and when they find the truth they will see that Jesus saved us and to God we can be forever Grateful. I love all my brothers and sisters in Christ as I know that each one was made to be loved and Live at peace in Christ. Amen

God Bless